How to Start a Weekly LinkedIn Content Review


At the end of this article is a 3-step process I now use for analysing my content on LinkedIn every week.

But before I spill the beans, why should content analysis become a regular activity for your data consultancy or software biz?

This is my bucket list...

  • It helps me quickly reach out and engage with people who commented on my posts and articles

  • I can instantly see which topics get the most traction (so I can increase production of those topics later)

  • Reading the comments gives me fresh ideas for new content topics I hadn’t considered

  • Comments give me the words and emotions of my my ideal clients (data consulting/biz owners) so I can craft better copy on webinars and sales pages

  • I can instantly track which content leads to a spike in sales calls

If you struggle for sales in your data consultancy or software business - then that last point should make you sit up:

I can instantly track which content leads to a spike in sales calls

Yes, your content should be leading to sales calls.

If that’s not happening - stop surfing, grab a pen and paper, then lean in.

I speak to roughly 5-10 data consultancies a week on my free Breakthrough Call offer.

If you request a call, chances are you’re experiencing…

  1. A lack of clarity around your proposition and messaging

  2. Lack of consistent content creation and promotion

  3. Whatever content you do create, fails to connect and move the needle

  4. An overall struggle to create systems for content, sales and marketing - leading to overwhelm

  5. Not enough prospect conversations that convert into customers

So, whilst you think you’ve got a lead generation problem, it’s often deeper than that (which is why my breakthrough call helps you visualise precisely where you’re going wrong).

But for now, let’s use the list above to do some deeper soul searching into your situation.

Write down where you think you’re going wrong e.g. No. 5, then work back through the list to see if it’s deeper.

You can also use this simple equation to see if it helps pinpoint your problem…

Consistent (Clarity + Content + Connections + Conversations + Consults) = Customers

So look at the equation - what do you need to work on? Where is it breaking down for you?

By performing a weekly content review, you get a deeper insight into the role content is playing in your sales process.

You get to ask yourself...

  • Do I need to create more content? Why is that a challenge?

  • Is my proposition and positioning coming through in my content? Why not?

  • Are my conversations being sourced from content? Where are they coming from? Which content resonated?

  • Who is sharing and liking my content? Are these my ideal audience?

But don’t forget, you can perform a weekly review on anybody’s content.

You can go check out your ideal audience and see what they’re sharing - what’s different. What are you missing?

What topics and ideas are resonating with your ideal customer that you’re not writing about?

Who are the super-influencers for your target customer? What are they getting right?

How to track your content on LinkedIn

Now that we’ve understood the why of content analysis, let’s explore the how.

Step 1: Go to your Posts & Activity page:


Step 2: Select either Posts or Articles.

Here are my latest posts:


Here are some recent articles:


Take some time to study the performance of your content, the number of likes and where the comments are coming from.

Make a note of any useful comments and follow up with commenters…


Bonus Step: Review your custom Hashtag

I’ve recently created a Hashtag for myDataBrand called…drumrolll…


I can now tag all my posts during the week with this hashtag.

When I search on the myDataBrand hashtag, I get an added feature, the ability to sort by popularity:

It’s not 100% accurate, but at least it gives me a feel for what LinkedIn thinks is my most popular content.

Damn you LinkedIn AI popularity algorithms, you’ve still got a way to go :-(

Wrapping up and Next Steps

So there you have it, a simple 15 minute(ish) process to add to your weekly content planner...

  1. Create content

  2. Review content (and other people’s)

  3. Refine your plan based on content analysis

  4. Go to 1

Note: For those in the myDataBrand community, you’ll be getting an extended module on this topic, with additional LinkedIn Sales Navigator training, checklists and workflows.

Do you find this kind of content useful?

Please share a comment below and let me know one finding or takeaway from your results.

PS: If your data consultancy or software biz is struggling to get traction, just book a Breakthrough Call to find out why and what to do about it.