How to launch your data consultancy (by stealth)

You're desperate to launch your own data management consulting business.

But there's just one problem...

You're still employed.

During a recent breakthrough call, an aspiring data management business owner posed a great question...

"Is it possible to launch my business 'by stealth' - even if I'm still an employee and don't plan to leave for at least 6 months?"

My answer to this budding Branson was - yes, it is entirely possible to build your data management business under the radar of your present boss and employees.

What's more...

I'm amazed more people don't do the same.

The 'Stealthy' Way to Launch Your Data Consultancy

Think about it...

Building your business 'on the sly' is a smart move because:

  • You dramatically de-risk your launch by validating your proposition before you quit

  • You build and test the nuts-and-bolts of your business well in advance (so you iron out the snaffles and hit the ground running at go-live)

  • You get a feel for what it's going be like running your own business, so you can cross off any fears and concerns (or drop the idea completely if it doesn't feel right)

Whetted your appetite?

Good, but what should you put into your pre-launch stealth process?

On a breakthrough call we discuss this in more detail, but for all you skimmers, let's focus on the elephant in the room...

Acquiring clients

I've seen too many data consultants who are doing things that simply don't move the needle on customer acquisition.

Things like...

  • Investing huge amount of time and money on expensive industry events and conferences

  • Shopping around for office accommodation and equipment they think they need

  • Getting bogged down with decisions around their logo, brochures and business cards

  • Faffing about with the template of their slide decks: "hmmm, Arial or Garamond?"

Chasing shiny objects you think your business needs will take you far too long to get the revenue rolling in and drain much needed cash for lead generation.

So you need to get ruthless with your priorities.

But what are they?

What steps should you focus on?

In terms of the critical steps for any data management business, these are the systems I help my clients implement to attract premium clients, along with some of the challenges we address:

  1. Proposition: Who do you serve and what outcome do you deliver? How do you package your services for premium client attraction?

  2. Platform: What is your business model? What components will your attraction, conversion, delivery and collection engines consist of? How will they integrate?

  3. Presence: What is your content strategy? How will you attract the right audience? What is your customer cloning approach? How can you scale your marketing?

  4. Pipeline: How can you create a predictable customer acquisition pipeline? What does an editorial calendar consist of and how does that support your sales pipeline? How do you structure the sales call?

(Note: I don't teach data management implementation skills. If you're launching a consultancy you should have that down already, but I do help review, clarify, extend and even resource your proposition, where it makes sense :-)

Let's look at one (very important) aspect of this data management client acquisition approach as an example of how you could implement before you quit your job:

Your Presence

You can be implementing a content marketing strategy right now that builds your presence and attracts future clients to your platform.

Admittedly, you won't be in a position to book sales calls, but you will be cementing buy-in for your message when the time is right.

Because as you already know, selling data services is not about the hard pitch.

It's about aligning the outcome of your offer to the pains and gains your ideal clients crave.

When you do that, you can pull prospects towards you, instead of pushing via cold calls and direct mailing.

I explain how to sell more of your data services using pull selling here:

A simple sales strategy for your data management consultancy

If your ideal client base is giving you signals that your content resonates with them, because it addresses some aspect of a problem they struggle with, then you've established a buying indicator that can be leveraged at a later date.

Still sceptical?

This month, I've nearly filled my coaching intake without the use of a website, conferences, offices, brochures, business cards, slide decks and all the stuff we think a business needs.

That's right, I don't even have a live website to promote my coaching program.

(Well, I do, I just haven't switched it on yet, because I've not had the need).

I don't say this to brag or showboat, but to make a point.

This is what happens when you get clear about 

  1. Your client focus (data consultants)

  2. Your problem focus (how to create a consultancy that consistently attracts clients)

  3. Your proposition focus (90-day transformation program that includes everything you need to build a proposition and start attracting new clients)

  4. Your competitive focus (research tools to shape your proposition, in-house designers to build your platform, our own media platforms to accelerate your presence and kick-start your pipeline)

  5. Your result focus (take the fear and anxiety out of running your data management consultancy)

And here's the thing, pretty much everything I've done these last few weeks could have been done while I was working for an employer.

If I can. You can.

Because chances are, you're a data professional who knows the data stuff, but you just need to stop procrastinating and 'faffing about'.

You need to start taking action, even while you're working 9-to-5 in that job that is leaving you emotionally and professionally drained.

Day after day.

Month after month.

And for too many of you - year after year.

You can design your business and all the systems you'll need to attract clients.

You can map out your editorial calendar and start planning your content.

You can post regular content and test what resonates.

You can get on the phone and follow up with people who engage with your content.

So no more excuses.

It's time to act (remember those goals you had last month?).

Because one thing is for certain.

While you've been pondering and pontificating about launching that new data biz...

Your competition has already launched.



Overwhelmed with the challenge of launching a data management consultancy?

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